STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer

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STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer Product Description

Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer is a fuel additive that keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after periods of storage. Designed for all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines, Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage in order to protect your engine from the gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion that can afflict engines after gasoline left in the tank has broken down. It also prolongs the life of an engine by removing water from gas tanks, and cleans carburetors and fuel injectors. The solution works safely and effectively in all gasoline blends, including ethanol-blended fuel up to E85.

From the reviews:

"I've used this for years and it really does work. I treat all my around the house gas (lawnmower, pressure washer, etc.) with it and my tools start on the first or second pull everytime. As another reviewer pointed out it also seems to somewhat revive / clean out gummed up and hard starting engines. It doesn't do this perfectly, but it does seem to have a slight effect.

I use this all summer and run the engines dry before storing in the winter. Before putting away for the winter I also use fogging oil (another great product) before storage. These two simple steps have saved me from lots of expense and aggravation.

Now for the note of caution: You need to carefully read the bottle and religiously follow the directions. Sta-bil keeps fuel fresh for awhile, but not forever. I believe--and I don't have the bottle right in front of me--that it will keep gas fresh for 3 or 4 months. So you can't fill up a 5 gallon can, add Sta-bil, and use that for several years. It just doesn't work that way. Also, the Sta-bil jug itself has a limited shelf life. It's good, once opened, for at most two years. Again, if you're a homeowner who doesn't plow through gas it doesn't make sense to buy a huge bottle. You're often better off buying smaller bottles.

Overall, fantastic product that really works. Sta-bil and fogging oil and starting fluid have made it so much easier for me to use small engine tools."

Oil for lawn mower: Lawn Boy 89885 20

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Oil for lawn mower: Lawn Boy 89885 20-Ounce Premium Lawn Mower 4-Cycle Engine Oil

From a review:
"The Lawn Boy 89885 20-Ounce Premium Lawn Mower 4-Cycle Engine Oil is the exact amount that the mower holds. Lawn Boy specifies that this specific oil be used in their Model No. 10640-Serial No. and Up. It is also used in the 10641,2,5,6 and 7 Models-Serial and Up. It comes in an easy to pour container."

Oil for lawn mower: Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil

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Oil for lawn mower: Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil

A shop comment:
" Cannot go wrong with this; B&S brand; Good value
It is oil after all and for the kind of use it gets (lawn mowers etc.), it is hard to debate on the quality. I was hesitant to buy the larger pack (48 oz) but figured that my lawn mower and pressure washer could both use the same. The price works out cheaper than if you would buy individual, although not a whole lot. Convenience is a big thing. Overall good experience and will buy again."

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